About Us

Our Story

Word Forward (WF) a not-for-profit literary arts company has been committed to nurturing writers and performers since its inception in 2003.  It has successfully established itself as a leading presence in the Singapore literary scene. 

Word Forward, the founder and trademark holder of Poetry Slam™ in Singapore has had close to  300,000 students and adults watching or participating in the poetry slams events to date.  The annual National Youth Poetry Slam™ League attracts over 200 participants to compete for the challenge shield.

WF is registered as a training provider with the National Arts Council, Arts in Education Programme (NAC-AEP).  WF has developed its strength in 3 core areas; playwriting and drama; poetry writing and Poetry Slam™; and creative writing and storytelling. 

To deliver holistic programmes, WF has woven writing and performance into each of the 3 core areas as well as provide youth various platforms  to showcase their skills – National Poetry Slam League (NYPSL) and Write Stuff Playwriting and Drama competitions.

WF has  produced and curated many literary events in Singapore in collaboration with organisations such as the Gifted Education Branch (MOE), National Schools Literature Festival Committee,  The Arts House, CDCs,  Embassies, The Esplanade, British Council, National Library Board and National Arts Council.